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CUSTOM, dual cone, 5¼ inch

Continuous Music Power (RMS) 7watts

Metal grille finished in black enamel

Car Stereo Speakers

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Code: 15190

1 ton, adjustable with pin-locks

Car stands

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Code: 15390



Michelin 6.50 R 16 XC, tubed

(inner tube not included)

Truck tyre

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Code: 15385

Three old and very rare oil cans from the 1950s and earlier.  Highly collectable and prized!

SHELL oil cans

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Code: 15567



CUSTOM, 3-way, 6½ inch, 4 ohm

40 watts continuous, 80 watts peak.

60Hz to 20KHz +/- 3dB

Flush mount with metal grilles

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Code: 15384


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Car Stereo Speakers

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