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Beeswax Luminaries

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A luminary is a small light or lantern and these beautiful examples are created from pure beeswax by New Zealand Bee Lights, in Whangarei, Northland.  Place a tealight candle inside the luminary and watch the colours come alive!  The wax luminary itself doesn't burn - just the candle inside it.  With proper care, each luminary will give years of pleasure.

Unleash your creativity with the help of these amazing luminaries:


  • Give them as a gift

  • Display one as an art feature

  • A bowl for flowers

  • Float them in your pool

  • Fill them with potpourri for added fragrance

  • Sensual illumination in your bedroom

  • Float candles in them

  • Place on your dining table

  • Light one and use it as a prayer or meditation focus

  • Wedding centre pieces

  • Gorgeous illumination outside when you have a bbq

  • Beautiful amongst flowers in your garden

  • Line your path or entrance for a party or wedding

  • Use them in a church celebration

  • Use them while meditating

LUM (501) LUM (509) LUM (507) LUM (502) LUM (503) LUM (504) LUM (505) LUM (506) LUM (508) LUM (510) LUM (511) LUM (512)

The luminaries are produced in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes; each one is totally unique.  You can be sure that nobody else will have one exactly like yours!  Each is supplied with a tealight candle and a set of care and usage instructions.  Approximate sizes range from as follows:


Small: 90mm diameter and 60mm height.

Oval: 100 x 110mm dia. and 65mm height.

Medium: 120mm diameter and 70mm height.

Large: 150mm diameter and 85mm height.

Very large:180mm dia. and 100mm height.




Small and oval: $35.00         Item I.D. LUM501

Medium: $45.00                     Item I.D. LUM502

Large:  $80.00                        Item I.D. LUM503

Extra Large:  $100.00          Item I.D.  LUM504

Please contact us for further information about these fabulous luminaries, or to arrange a time to call in to see them.