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Anne Bennett - Rosie's family doesn't have much money, but she's rich in other ways: her life on the farm, her family and friends.  But can love survive such turbulent times?

Danny Boy

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4th Edition - Comprehensive and well illustrated study guide for Year 11 stu-dents, suitable for class work, shared study, individual learning and revision.  Includes activities with answers.

NCEA level 1 Science

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... and Church Hymnary, 1929.  Very few of these can still be found today.  67 Psalms with split words/music pages, and 728 hymns

Scottish Psalter...

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John Kirwan showed that overcoming depression is not impossible.  This personally signed copy of Why I Am is a collection of wisdom, insights and ins-piration that helped him on his journey.

Why I Am.

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This 30 week programme by Andy Comiskey is for those seeking answers to relational, spiritual and sexual issues in their lives.

Living Waters

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1950 Revised edition - The original Hymns Ancient and Modern was first published in 1861.  Contains words and music to over 600 well known hymns.

Hymns Ancient & Modern

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Some old favourites here from Walt Disney, Star Comics, Marvel, Playtime and Planet.  Top Dog, SuperGirl, Uncle Scrooge, Peter Pan . . . loads of fun in store here.

7 Vintage Comics

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A Kiwi survives 9/11 * The Scott Watson trial * Whe Auckland's lights went out * Saved from the sinking Wahine * The Tangiwai disaster * and many more!

Dramatic first hand accounts from N.Z. history

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A lot of mystery and intrique amongst this lot!  Lift the lid and find the truth into some of the world's most difficult and tragic cases - both high profile and obscure.

13 Crime Magazines

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An overview of the New Zealand Railway system.

Nth I. Branch Lines

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All about the history of the Vulcan Railcars in New Zealand.

Vulcan Railcars

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Exploring New Zealand's Ghost Railways.  A beautiful look at New Zealand Railways then and now.  Another classic piece of NZR Memorabilia.

Ghost Railways

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