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National Boy Scout Jamboree

Opening Ceremony

1969, Blue Skies, Kaiapoi

Official opening-800 1969 National Scout Jamboree, Blue Skies Kaiapoi-8 Opening Ceremony-800 Leaders-800 Denny Hulme signing autographs-800 Graham Morine and scouts-800

                       The Leaders                               Racing legend Denny Hulme signs autographs               Graham Morine and Scouts

Overseas visitor to our camp Orakau patrol Tent inspection, Duncan Orchard Nthn Waikato camp site Heading home, Kaiapoi to Christchurch steam train Nthn Waikato Districts

           Northern Waikato camp site                                          Orakau Patrol                                       Tent inspection - Duncan Orchard

         Esk & Northern Waikato Districts                      An overseas visitor to our camp site            Homeward bound - on the steam train

from Kaiapoi to Christchurch