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Carrick Nisbet Ltd.

A Brief Look at a Family Business

Carrick Nisbet building

Carrick Nisbet Ltd., on the corner of Hood Street and Alexandra Street, goes back a long time.  I’m not too sure when it first started but I know that people like Doug Pickerill, now 90 years old, started work there in 1942 and left in 1970 and Alan Mitchell, who worked there from 1955 to 1972.

The shop basically had three areas.  Electrical Appliances and Motor Accessories (Neeco Ltd) occupied the front part; speedo repairs and auto electrical work was done in the workshop in the middle, and the agency for Exide Batteries took the rear of the premises.  Angus McKenzie, a lovely Scots Bloke, and George Alister Hunt, known as Al in those days, worked in the Battery area.  They were both R.S.A. men.


Some of the workshop staff were Alan Mitchell (Foreman Service Manager), Bruce Stewart, Tony Gardner, Raj Underwood, Ian Craig, Bill McIntosh Bradley Hintz and members of the Irving family.


Following Alan Mitchell’s departure in 1972, John Collins took over the workshop area and Laurie Edkins took to the road as a rep.


Carrick Nisbet was referred to as “The Merchant of Venice” by some of his staff and was on the Board and a Director of Hamilton Tech School.  Carrick died in the 1950s and one of his son’s, Lloyd, took  over.  Though  Lloyd  Nisbet  was  a  great  boss, the business

Carrick Nisbet Building in the 1930s

suffered financial problems and its banks at the time wanted him replaced.  He moved on to join Tasman Special Vehicles in Cambridge.


The office staff at the time of Lloyd’s departure were Ken Corbet and Murray Clist (managers), Lois Stokes (Office), Peter McMillan, Una Tomlinson and Owen McMahon.

Carrick Nisbet ad

The firm remained in the family’s ownership for a time, with Carrick’s widow, May, together with sons Lloyd and Peter until it was eventually bought outright by Roberto Chandler Group, who also took over Barton & Ross Ltd.


Carrick Nisbet had two moves since starting up in Hood Street.  The first move was to the building in Collingwood Street, next door to where the Credit Union is today.  The second move was to the corner of Collingwood Street and Anglesea Street, where it remained until closing down in 1977 / 1978.


Other nearby businesses during the days of Carrick Nisbet included The Cake Shop, Grand Central Private Hotel, Priscott Butchery, Charlie Fong Drycleaners, Scrimshaws Funeral Directors, S T Nolan Motor Trimmers, Selphit School of Dressmaking (Miss Staines), Speedy Vulcanising Depot, Pomeroy Mechanics, John Chandler & Sons, Andrew Beaven Ltd., Barton & Ross Ltd., Eric Humm / Colin Cameron Lawnmowers and Tyres.

Carrick Nisbet Advertisement appearing in The Auckland Star, Saturday, August  2, 1930,

DISCLAIMER:  This account is written in good faith from information provide by those who were associated with the company with whom we’ve spoken.  We make no guarantee as to its accuracy.  However we do welcome any corrections or additional information.  Please contact us.