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Vintage alarm clock, circa 1950s - 60s, featuring pink lady.  Seperate alarm and main springs. Height 120mm; face diameter 115mm.  Runs well and keeps good time.

Alarm Clock

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Black ebony solid wood case made in England with European balance wheel movement.  100mm tall; 90mm wide at the base.

Carriage Clock

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This antique chiming clock from mid to late 1800s comprises a movement by the Sessions Clock Company, USA, housed in a beautiful wood cabinet by Ansonia.  Keeps excellent time.


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A very nice mantel clock from Enfield, England, circa. early 1900s.  Features a 4-bar Westminster chime, and pendulum escapement.  350 mm wide, 225 mm high, 150 mm depth.


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Freres Japy

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Stunning mantel clock by Freres Japy (France) c. 1860. Polished black slate engraved case with green Malachite inserts and white enamel face. Twin train movement with bell chime.

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A gorgeous little mantel clock, made in France around 1890.  Beautifully inlaid mahogany case with spun metal dial in a brass surround.  Balance wheel move-ment.  230 mm wide; 130 mm high.

French Mantel

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A fun little table clock, possibly used in a cafe.  AA battery operated quartz movement mounted on a screen-printed metal face-plate, with wire stand.

Good Coffee

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A bakelite cased electric wall clock from the 1960s, in excellent original condition!  Made in England, these clocks were commonly used in railway stations and schools throughout N.Z.   180 mm diam.

Smiths Sectric

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Ceramic Bunnykins teaching clock.  A ceramic wall clock by Royal Doulton,  Battery powered crystal quartz movement.  The perfect addition to any young child's room.


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We are proud to bring you this range of fine clocks.


All of our clocks, barometers and other instruments have been carefully checked and serviced where needed.


Clock movements have been cleaned, oiled and regulated.  Pendulum clocks have been beat-adjusted for level surfaces.


Battery powered clocks are fitted with new batteries prior to delivery.


Mains powered clocks are electrically tested to ensure your safety.


FREIGHT   We are able to ship any of these clocks to your physical address (not a PO Box).  We care-fully pack each clock, remove the pendulum weights and secure the mechanisms.  Full instructions are included for you to set up your clock and get it running.

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Galileo Thermometer

This remarkable thermometer was handmade in Germany.  It works on the principle of specific gravity.  As the room temperature rises, the density of the liquid falls, causing the weighted balls to drop as each displacement weight is reached.


Accurately measures room temper-atures from 18 to 26 degrees C.


Standing at 335 mm tall, this amaz-ing instrument will be certain to arouse curiosity and make a fine accessory to any room decor.

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A precision compensated barometer, made in England by Shortland Smiths Instruments, circa 1940.  Mounted in a wooden ships wheel.  A beautiful instrument to own and treasure.

Shortland SB Barometer

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