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60s retro picnic set in wicker basket, includes food storage and thermos flask.  In excellent, well preserved condition.

Picnic Set

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Code: 15026

Famous Propert brand, silent drive, Australian made, 1960s.  They don't make them this good any more!

Hand Whisk

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Code: 15152


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Hanging scales, measuring to 100lbs.  165mm diameter face, made in England.

Vintage Salter Scales

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Code: 15224

A very nice carving set, circa early 1900s, made in India.  Knife and fork with brass guards, in beautiful carved sheath with brass legs and fittings.

Antique Carving Set

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Code: 15225

Victorian Bed Warmer

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Victorian bed warmer, with very rare Chivalry and coat of Arms design.  300mm diameter brass pan with hardwood handle.  1120mm length overall.

Code: 15365



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Cute little kitchen egg-storage unit - complete with a wooden egg, fashioned from New Zealand native Kauri.

Wooden Cage with Egg

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Code: 15040



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Item (15018)-800

This remarkable thermometer was handmade in Germany.  It works on the principle of specific gravity.  As the room temperature rises, the density of the liquid falls, causing the weighted balls to drop as each displacement weight is reached.


Accurately measures room temper-atures from 18 to 26 degrees C.


Standing at 335 mm tall, this amaz-ing instrument will be certain to arouse curiosity and make a fine accessory to any room decor.

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Code: 15018



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Understanding your barometer

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