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Hamutana Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers

This photo of the old Hamutana Scout Hall was taken in June 2014.  It now stands at the Waingaro Scout Camp.


This picture reminds me of how it used to look when it was sited at Hungerford Crescent, Hamilton East, Hillcrest, New Zealand.

Hamutana Scout Hall

The Scout Hall was situated at the end of Hungerford Crescent, Hamilton East.


Below are the names of some of the boys that were associated with Hamutana Scouts during the 1960s and 1970s.


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Cubs, Scouts, Venturers


Peter Cranston

Ross Maulder

Alan Maulder

Kevin Giles

Stephen Abbott

Stuart Roberts

Keith Hargood

Ross Hargood

*** Hargood

Warwick Keay

*** Pope

David Archer

Simon Archer

John Yorston

David Yorston

Kevin Stove

James Green

Colin Cochrane

Chris Leech

*** Hughs

The McKay Boys

Stephen Richie

*** Signal

Alan Thorne

Carl Rayner

Bruce Davidson

Peter Battersby

Andrew Carter

*** Page

G McLeod

D Broadbent

Cubs Leaders


Vera Redman (could be Margaret or Maureen)

Elizabeth Morine

Emma Hodges

Trevor James (Akela)





Scouts / Venturers Leaders


Les Stove

Graham Morine (Kim)

Roy McKay

John Hawkins

Warwick Odgers

Bernie Odgers

Duncan Orchard (Ponga)

Bill Hargood

Keith Pope (Totara or Kotare)

George Alister Hunt (Rikki) (Disgraced)

Keith Roberts

Ernie Waters (Photography Badge)

Mr E Redman

Brian Parker

Mr Ellery

1969 5th National Jamboree, Kaiapoi

(Boys of our contingent)


Biff Harris (Leader)

Philip Harris

Peter Wood

*** Gaby

Bryce Sherson

*** Liddington

Matthew Silverwood

Rangi ***

Robert McDonald

Bob Nicols (Sea Scouts, Tauranga)

These are the names I remember.  If you can fill in the unknown spaces, or if you know of others missing from the list, please CONTACT us.